Final Project

How much have you learned? Have you learned enough to apply your new statistical critical thinking skills to another project?

Now it's time to reinforce these new skills by putting them to work.

Task 1

At the start of this module we asked you to consider believing everything you saw or read. Now we ask you to do a little more than that. Believe (or disbelieve) everything you read, hear or see for one week.

Ok, ok. You don't have to actually believe everything, but we would like to seriously ponder the effects of a week of such naiveté (or cynicism), and then write about your conclusions. How would it affect your choices? How would it change your relationships with the people around you?


Task 2

Take the things you've learned from this exploration of the Bible Code and apply them to another controversial topic of your choice (newspapers and magazines are really good places to look).

Write about your observations. What information in hidden or missing? How were the results found? Were any experiments involved? If so, are the experimental methods disclosed? If so, do you think the experiment was conducted correctly? Do the results line up with the conclusion?

Here are the links to the other pages in the module if you need to refresh your memory.

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