Share What You've Learned With the Company!


Your Last Assignment as a Trainee and First Assignment as an Employee!

Now that you have learned all about the vector space model and singular value decomposition, we can start the process of brainstorming how best to build Company Enterprise's very own search engine! The first step in this process is to educate the rest of the company about SVD and VSM, and we would like you to be an active part of this process.

We've divided the other employees into groups, and each one of you will be in charge of educating one of the groups. This will also be a great opportunity to introduce yourself to some of your coworkers!

Your presentations should be thorough and interesting, but not too long. Be sure to cover all of the main topics you went over in your training, along with some questions for discussion. PowerPoint is recommended, but of course we encourage creativity if you would rather use another means to present your material.

Good luck with this assignment! We know you'll step up to the challenge and do a wonderful job.

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