Company Enterprises
General Manager
Albuquerque, New Mexico 87102
Tel: (505) 314 1592
Fax: (505) 653 5897

Dear valued new employee,

Welcome to Company Enterprises! We are thrilled to have you here and are also excited about the work we will be doing together over the next few years. Here at Company Enterprises, we have been dedicated to providing for our customers for over eight years. As we approach the end of our first decade, we feel it is time to expand our company and apply our disciplined work ethic and friendly customer service policies to other fields.

As you may have already been told, Company Enterprises has selected you to help build and improve upon an internet search engine for our young and promising company. We understand that you may not have a background in this particular field, and that is all right. We expect only a modest knowledge of linear algebra, we will teach the rest in your employee training sessions. You have been hired on the basis of your creative imagination, your eagerness to learn, and, of course, the strong work ethic that we require of all our employees.

Welcome again, and we hope you enjoy working for us. Good luck with your research. Who knows? Maybe with Company Enterprise's addition to the world of computers, we will make Albuquerque the next Silicon Valley.


Bramlet Davenport
General Manager

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